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How to join the openEuler Community?

You are welcome to join the openEuler Community for any kinds of contribution!

If you are experienced in participating in open source projects

  1. Visit https://openeuler.org/en/developer.html.

  2. If you need to know the existing project teams, you can visit https://openeuler.org/en/sig.html for detailed introduction.

If you are newbies to open source projects

Please visit https://gitee.com/openeuler/community/tree/master/zh/contributors, and you can find detailed steps to help you participate.

If you encounter problems

The openEuler community uses Issue of Gitee for problems or requirements management. If you need, you can ask questions under the specific project of the openEuler organization. If you are not sure where to ask questions, you can visit https://gitee.com/openeuler/community-issue/issues.