# HTML Elements

Below is just about everything you'll need to style in the blog.

# Heading 1

# Heading 2

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# Body text

This blog is about bla bla. This is strong.

openEuler is open

# Quotation

The sites that have been chosen are listed and described next to each work, with encapsulating quotes or pieces of text narrating central themes for the groups.

# List Types

# Ordered Lists

  1. Item one
    1. sub item one
    2. sub item two
    3. sub item three
  2. Item two

# Unordered Lists

  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item three

# Tables

Header1 Header2 Header3
cell1 cell2 cell3
cell4 cell5 cell6
cell1 cell2 cell3
cell4 cell5 cell6
Foot1 Foot2 Foot3

{: rules="groups"}

# Code

struct async_entry {
	struct list_head	domain_list;
	struct list_head	global_list;
	struct work_struct	work;
	async_cookie_t		cookie;
	async_func_t		func;
	void			*data;
	struct async_domain	*domain;

# Attachment

Download the file here download: [get the PNG](![The architecture]() ) directly.